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Whether your blog is for personal or business use, you likely know what a pain and inconvenience it can be to get a lot of spam. Akismet is one of the most popular WordPress spam-blockers on the net but it has recently been rumored that the tool is no longer free to users. So what is a passionate blogger to do? These 5 alternatives to Akismet are 100% free and are known to be very useful anti-spam tools for WordPress and other popular blogging frameworks.

SEO Smart Links Plugin for Content InterlinkingVladimir Prelovac, the owner of Prelovac.com, popularly known for his SEO and development of WordPress related plugins has released SEO Smart Links, a premium plugin for WordPress blogs. The main motive behind creation of SEO Smart Links plugin is simply to make it easy for WordPress bloggers to interlink their blog contents automatically in a SEO friendly format. This plugin is quite useful for small, medium as well as big websites operated around WordPress.

WordPress is the most trendy blogging platform in the web today. It allows you to host your own blog giving you privileges to manage over your content, and WordPress just about to give everything you want from a blog. One of its best features is it gives you host of plugins that are accessible with all the functionality you’re dreaming about for a website.

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Advertisement plugins take the most important part of most successful websites in the internet when it comes to monitization. This is predominantly factual for content sites that rely on income from any form of advertisements. It is really good to know that one of the best features of WordPress blogging platform is its facility to be easily monetized all the way through advertising. You can use pay-per-click PPC, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads and many other ways you can produce revenue from your blog.

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Though WordPress, if installed and operated correctly, can be a reasonably secure CMS, there is no such thing as perfect security, especially for applications that run on Web servers.

Recently twitter had launched the official Retweet buttons in three different sizes, in this post we’ll show how to add the official twitter Retweet button to your blog – both Blogger and WordPress blogs.

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