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5 Ways to Identify Your Subscribers Problems

Finding problems that your subscribers are facing is an effective technique that can help you develop new content for your own blog or website. When you understand the problems that they are facing, you are then able to develop the solution that they are looking for which can pay off big time in the long run.

There are a number of things that you can do in order to find out what problems your subscribers are facing the most. Here are some great strategies for doing so.

1. Make a Note of Your Own Struggles

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to understand the problems your subscribers are facing is to make note of the very problems that you are facing.

Often times you are not alone in your struggles because there are many who are experiencing the same issues. Posting the solution to your own struggles or problems will in many cases attract the attention of others who seek a solution for the same struggles and problems.

2. Look For Questions in the Search Referrals

Search referrals provide a great deal of valuable data that can be used to determine the type of content that you might consider creating for your blog.

You can use search referrals to discover problems that people are searching for in the hopes of finding suitable solutions. Search referral data can be used to identify the most popular areas of discussion for which you can create your own unique and interesting content for your blog or website.

3. Ask Readers For Questions

Another great strategy that can help you understand your subscribers problems is simply asking them to post questions on your blog. In many cases they will post questions for the exact problems that they are facing which will give you the opportunity of providing them with the solution that they are looking for.

Asking readers for questions is a great way to come up with fresh new content for your blog or website, so anytime you get the opportunity to gather data from your readers is a great one.

4. Look For Problems on Other Websites

You can also search other websites for problems that your subscribers are facing. Other websites may have already asked for questions and received them from readers.

When you discover the problems that subscribers are facing by visiting other websites, you gain an understanding of the kind of content that you might consider posting to your own website.

Even if other websites have already posted the solution to subscribers problems, you should still post your own solution to their problems on your own blog or website. You’ll simply be adding more valuable content to your blog or website by doing so.

5. Ask Questions on Facebook & Twitter

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are quickly become popular resources for those who seek answers to the questions that they have.

You can figure out what problems your subscribers are facing by asking your own questions on any of the popular social networking sites that are available today.

Anything Else?

I have presented five ways to identify problems your subscribers may be having but I expect there are plenty of other methods as well.

If you have a great problem-identifying technique you use, then please share it in the comments below!

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