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5 WordPress plugins to manage Ad Space on your blog

Advertisement plugins take the most important part of most successful websites in the internet when it comes to monitization. This is predominantly factual for content sites that rely on income from any form of advertisements. It is really good to know that one of the best features of WordPress blogging platform is its facility to be easily monetized all the way through advertising. You can use pay-per-click PPC, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads and many other ways you can produce revenue from your blog.

WordPress blogs also have flexibility that allows you to use plugins that are capable of execution and administration of advertising operations in a very simple and valuable manner. Here are five of the best WordPress plugins to manage Ad Space on your WordPress blog.

1. WP125

WP125 establishes a high rank of automation for wordpress bloggers. You can allow automatic scheduling of your ads from starting date to ending date. Ads can run for a number of days, and will automatically be detached. This plugin also count up clicks and has the ability to store old ads so by the time that you will need it back you can just re-enabled the old ads. It is easy to manage using125×125 ads on your blog.

2. Advertising Manager

This ad plugin is one of the most highly developed plugins for WordPress that works with many ad networks on the internet. You can customize your ad by using your own banners. Advertising manager implement the conformity with the PPC rules while making sure to all your ad campaigns to have the best publicity. You can use this plugin to position an ad inside your posts and pages or you can customize its widget into your website’s sidebar.

3. Fload Ad

Fload Ad WordPress plugin is an ad management of floating ads, as the name suggests, ads float at the top of your blog pages and stays floating in place when you scroll down the page making it continuously noticeable. This ad has the idea that having extra exposure will draw more clicks at the same time it means more sales.

4. Max Banner Ads

This max plugin is a banner ad management plugin which swanks with several features. It permits you to generate a countless number of ad zones of your website. It has the ability to track ad impressions and clicks while allowing you to add banner zones in your preferred widget spaces. One good thing of this plugin also is that it allows you to add banner areas openly to blog posts. Max Banner Ad is just perfect to those who really want to add banners to multiple areas of their wordpress website.

5. All in One Adsense and YPN

All in One Adsense and YPN is an open source plugin that works with the most popular advertising, Google’s Adsense. This also works in Yahoo as well and to many blogging platforms. The best thing of this plugin is that it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of posts in your blog, this plugin can handle all that advertising displays. All in One Adsense and YPN allows you to position where you want your ads to be located and modify them with CSS and HTML coding.

If you see that these wordpress ad management plugins suit your needs I recommend you to use and download these plugins. These plugins are considered most popular and highly developed. Give them a try.

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