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Fresh Content and Contextual Link Building as Best SEO Strategy

Content and links are two of the major elements of Search Engine Optimization to get higher rank in search engines today. Combining these two elements plus proper keywords, relevance and social media marketing would really make your website be considered as a well optimized website. Now, let’s get into the essence of these two crucial elements of SEO: Fresh Content and Contextual Links.

Fresh Content

The idea behind Google and other search engines is that they feed on fresh content of your website. Fresh content specifically is a major aspect that plays a very important role in search engine rankings. Today the fresh, persuasive, and regularly updated content is one of the best keys to a successful SEO approach for your website.

Webmasters must first be aware of the powerful force behind search engines, it is the users and you know what users really want? No other thing but a fresh content. You must always put in your mind that the better your content is, the more possibility it will be seen in search engines and by that, it naturally magnetizes links to your website.

Fresh Content through Frequent Blogging

The only way to help build up your website traffic is with fresh content. Having a regular blog post will constantly update your website with fresh content giving a reason to your readers to come back. Fresh content offers the ideal platform to talk about new events and trends that your potential visitors will mind about. Utilize your blog features properly and cross-link your content only to specific sites relevant to the subject you’re writing in your website for this further benefiting your visitors.

Contextual Link Building

No doubt! Search engines love links. Google loves links. To talk about the importance of each link building method, reciprocal link doesn’t have as much worth and it doesn’t obtain the same weight as of one-way linking. To tell you, link building is no longer just a matter of how many links point to your site. No, that’s really not the trend now. If you’ve noticed there are many websites out there in which 20 quality links outrank websites with hundreds of links. Link building is not about quantity, but it’s all about the quality of the links you acquired to get better rankings in the search engines like Google.

Editorial links are natural links that would really gives off better results based from search engine’s point of view. Creating a good editorial content would give a number of targeted links pointing to your website’s pages.

Another best thing is quality link bait. Link baits are always considered to be from exceptional, unique and useful content. The idea behind link baiting is that valued sites will naturally build up its own back links a justification of placing quality content. It is then well thought-out as contextual links. The method highly regarded as the best link building method. Contextual links are links in the context and link baits are contextual links. It is because these links from link baits are from webpages that are fully optimized with your keywords. This way search engines will consider them enormously relevant to your website.

The main idea of these things would be to produce content that’s really unique, valuable and well-written and you may find that you won’t even have to do something like link building for readers would care to share your content with other readers – precisely it is how it should be.

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