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Guest Blogging Contest Winners Announced

It’s time to declare the winners for the guest blogging contest that was started in Nov 20, 2010. I accepted guest posts from bloggers in the date range from 20th Nov to 05th Jan 2011 and I gave 5 more days to all bloggers to gather extra votes on their guest posts. I received 26 guest posts in total from 25 bloggers during the contest period. I calculated the votes against each guest post on 11th Jan 2011 and today I’m going to declare all three winners for guest blog contest that help me add lots of valuable content on my blog in the form of guest posts from variety of bloggers.

Sponsors and Prizes

As you all know, this contest will have three winners, first winner is going to get $250, second winner $136 and third winner $75 cash into their paypal accounts. And here is the list of all sponsors without whom support, I would not have been able to give such huge cash prize in cash to the contest winners:

$100 via Paypal from MyBlogGuest
$100 via Paypal from SEO Web Directory
$50 via Paypal from Make Money Online
$36 via Paypal from Make Money Blogging
$25 via Paypal from Making Money Online
$25 via Paypal from Making Money Blogging
$25 via Paypal from Make Money Online
$25 via Paypal from Professional SEO consultants
$25 via Paypal from Kennewick Homes
$25 via Paypal from
$25 via Paypal from Canadian Credit Cards

Points Calculation

As you all know, bloggers were allowed to send as many as guest posts they like during the guest blogging contest. And their points were supposed to be calculated on the basis of their total guest post submissions. So bloggers who had submitted more than one guest post have higher chance of winning this contest. But bloggers with even single post can be a winner if he was lucky enough to get response on his/her guest post in the form of comments and votes from SFM blog readers. So here is the list of bloggers with their guest posts count, and total points earned against their guest posts:

Serial Number Username Guest Post Count Total Points
1. kirapermunian 1 32
2. dare05 2 27
3. satrap 1 15
4. Devesh 1 14
5. Rojish 1 9
6. seocommunity 1 8
7. HappyHealthySuccessful 1 8
8. Mona Pennypacker 1 8
9. Melissa Dean 1 8
10. brian 1 8
11. willeve321 1 7
12. Sarah 1 7
13 Sachin 1 7
14. liorl 1 7
15. Kirsty 1 7
16. cijoabrahammani 1 7
17. bryanps 1 7
18. Armaan 1 7
19. Allison 1 7
20 Susan Smith 1 6
21. mrscathypierce 1 6
22. GuestBloggr 1 6
23. Anton Bell 1 6
24. Fletcher 1 5
25. vernmarker 1 5

Note: Points earned by the end of 10th Jan 2011 are included only as I had promised earlier. Here is the winners points breakup:

kirapermunianNew Google Algorithms: Contextual Links and Local Search Results
5 points (guest post published) + 2 points (comments) + 5 points (Retweets) + 20 points (Facebook Share) = 32 points

dare05Is Experimenting LIKE MAD the Key to Making Money Online?

Web Analytics: How to Identify Useful vs. Useless Metrics

First Guest Post – 5 points (guest post published) + 1 points (comments) + 1 point (Retweets) + 12 points (Digg) = 19 points
Second Guest Post – 5 points (guest post published) + 2 points (comments) + 1 point (Retweets) = 8 points

Total points dare05 19 + 8 = 27

satrapWhy You Too Can Make Money Writing Online
5 points (guest post published) + 1 point (comments) + 9 points (Retweets) = 15 points

Contest Winners

Without wasting too much of your time, I’m declaring the contest winners. kirapermunian with 32 points leads the guest blogging contest point table and thus wins the first prize of $250. dare05 with 27 points is on second position and thus gets $136 in cash. satrap with 15 points is on third position in the point’s table and will be getting $75 cash via paypal into their accounts. Congrats to all three winners for winning this guest blogging contest. A big thank to all guest bloggers who gave their valuable time to be part of this contest.

I’m going to contact all three contest winners on their email accounts to send congratulation mail and for collecting their paypal account details. Winners can also contact me on my email id to send their paypal account details.

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