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How To Flip Your Brand With the Social Revolution

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Flip Your BrandAt first the Internet was nothing more than a network of academic pages with curious little “hyper links” that connected one to the next. As technology developed, however, companies began to suspect there might be a use of this world wide web for them to promote their own wares. As a result, those interconnected web pages began showing the world online brochures from various commercial entities.

So very much has changed in the past couple of decades. Although there are still millions and millions of those flat and uninspiring business sites, there are many opportunities for companies to use the technology and community development to enhance and promote their brands, products and services.

Take for instance the Flip camera, portable HD digital camcorders. If you’ve never seen or used one, here it is in a nutshell: point the video camera lens at your subject, press a button and start recording the action. When you’re finished, you “flip” out the USB connector and plug in to your computer. Built in software will then upload to your hard drive, or if you prefer straight to sites like YouTube.

It would seem that something this simple would be extremely easy to promote and find massive sales success in the brick and mortar world. And for the most part, it is simple. However, in the offline, retail world, marketing and promotions can be very expensive to the brand owner. With the advent of social media communities and the marketing opportunities they’ve enabled, you can take your brand online, like the Flip folks have done, and find an amazingly wide and deep community to help you promote your brand and its products.

The social community has developed a number of interesting and unique online destinations which provide many different opportunities for users to express themselves and get their messages heard. Those messages may be personal ones from individuals to their friends or from brands like the Flip to the many users of their products.

To take best advantage of the communities out there, you’ll want to have a very clear picture of how the community operates. For instance, Flip has a Twitter account with which they are quite active; they are providing followers with quality information and interactivity. They are not simply pumping out marketing messages. End result? Dedicated followers and potential customers perceive the value of the brand.

Flip does much of its marketing with its Facebook page. There they provide rewards for members of that community who “like” the Flip brand page. Currently, if you participate, you can receive a savings code to use when you buy a Flip camera online.

User generated content is also one of the fastest growing mediums which smart companies like yours can take advantage of. The largest online video destination, YouTube, provides rich tools that allow a company like Flip to easily offer their customers and camera owners a place to upload the videos they generate with their cameras. By the way, Flip has a YouTube channel too.

The end result of all this activity and proper use of various social communities tends to be very low cost marketing and advertising for the brand. You’ll want to be careful not to abuse the various sites, your users, or in some way to falsely promote your brand and its capabilities. But by being smart, diligent, and regularly participating with your fans, followers and customers, you should see your brand recognition grow dramatically in no time at all. There are certainly a few things you can learn from the Flip camera’s social media marketing strategies.

How do you create user generated content on your blog or website?

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