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Make money as an affiliate

I am well aware that the abundance of information on the internet is a major problem, especially for internet marketing beginners and I fear that I also occasionally contribute to it. Let me try to bring some order to the chaos. I believe there are generally two ways to make money online. > With your own product > As an affiliate partner Especially for beginners, I recommend starting with affiliate marketing. Creating your own product requires some knowledge, not only in the niche that you decide on, but also how to create a product, how to write good advertising copy, marketing and design. Most beginners will not be good at all these things when they start out. Of course, you can outsource a lot of the work to professionals, but that costs money and you’re looking to make money, not spend it. I’m not saying that affiliate marketing is only for beginners, many experienced people are making a fantastic amount of money. As an affiliate you get a link from a seller. You earn money for every visitor who comes through this link to the website of the seller and performs a specific action. The most common payment methods are: > Cost per sale (CPS) = commission for items sold. > Cost per action (CPA) = commission for action taken, such as filling out a form. > Cost per click (CPC) = commission for a mouse click. > Cost per impression (CPM) = commission for a certain number of visitors. According to Wikipedia these days use 80% of all affiliate programs use CPS as a payment method and 19% use CPA. Large companies often have their own affiliate program. The link to it is usually located in the very bottom of their website. An alternative to your own affiliate program is affiliate networks. Affiliate networks have access to many different products to promote. Here are some known affiliate networks: > (digital products) > > > > Digital products like ebooks, software or video courses on any subject at Affiliate marketers are very popular. Since Digital products do have a delivery cost associated to them, the commission is often 50-75% of the sales price. This means you can easily earn between $10 and several $100 per sale. For physical products, the affiliate of Amazon 6-7% of the expected sale price, at Commission Junction sometimes 10-20% or a fixed price. It depends on the vendor. Many affiliate networks review your site before they accept you. Before signing up, you should create a few informative articles so that your side will make a professional impression. And if you do get rejected, do not take it personally. This has also happened to me. I have pretty good experience with Commission Junction, Amazon and Clickbank. The principle is very simple. You compare different products in a category together, or write informative reports on specific products. With your affiliate link, readers can then go to the product page. As always, it depends on good content on your site as much of your traffic comes from search engines like google and google does not like sites with no information, but just a bunch of affiliate links. With good content, you offer your visitors useful information and Google will reward you by moving you up the rankings.