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Mixing business blogs with pleasure- Fun goes a long way

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If you’re a blogger, you’ll probably have pretty strong feelings about your blog. You know what you want- It’s getting it right that’s the hard bit. If you’re writing a blog about a subject like computer repairs, you may think that your chances for writing anything fun are pretty limited. Wrong. You can spice up and make any subject fun and interesting, for you as well as your readers.

Blogs can be as much fun as you want

Some subjects are pretty dry. It’s hard to turn the deep technical stuff into fun, particularly if you don’t try. The fact is that fun is a better information source. It motivates readers and it also adds some insights.

Case in point- There’s a whole vein of humor and definite fun in IT subjects, some of which can be downright grim if you do them without humanizing them.

This is a tale of woe from IT-Land:

“We had a code problem. The accounts database kept crashing, and we kept getting told to debug an ancient code which none of us had ever seen until we started working there. This code would break down if someone turned on a light. At one stage it was taking in data and deleting it simultaneously. We had some poor guy literally writing down the accounts data all day with pen and paper so he could enter it when we got the system running again.

We didn’t know what to do. The manager kept telling us to fix it, whatever it was, and didn’t contribute anything else. The actual database itself was practically prehistoric. It could actually crash before it started running. It wouldn’t run after we’d done every line three times. About 3 in the morning, we went over to get a cup of coffee and some food. In the shop was an arcade game, one of those shooter things. We played that for a while, and I swear we both had the same idea at the same time.

We went back and dug through the staff room, and found a game like the game in the shop. We dug out the database code, copied it, and ran it on the accounts database. We never had a problem, after that.”

If you’re writing for people that do  computer support for a living, you’ll find that weird tales and impure thoughts in the IT department aren’t all that uncommon. Code writers get driven up the wall on an hourly basis by things like this. If you’re writing to pro code writers, they’ll get it, in context, and enjoy it. Interest levels dictate learning and communication levels.

Interesting blogs get read

In advertising, the headers are the “grabbers”, and they’re designed to get attention and interest.

Compare these headers:

Collecting Fords               Releasing A Ford Mustang Back Into The Wild

Hairstyle Tips                  Hairstyles for Mad Women

WordPress Themes           WordPress Breakout

There’s no trickery. The interest is practically removed by the titles on the left, and unavoidably created in the ones on the right. If Shakespeare wrote a blog with the titles on the left, he’d be lucky to get readers.

All writers write better when they’re having fun. Open up, and have a ball!

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