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The Perfect Day of a Work-at-Home Mom

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What a pleasure it is to wake up in the morning and find out that everything in the house is in order. Nothing is broken, nothing is shredded, nothing is tattered. You open your mailbox and ahhh…the bills have arrived. What a nice surprise! The water and electric bills have not become a great deal higher since you became a work-at-home mother. Your three-year old has not puked all over herself, and your five-year old is not tormenting his little sister. Everything is in order.

The Benefits of Leaving Your Job


When faced with the urge to leave the tedious job atmosphere behind and start working at home, many women become understandably elated. They are no longer under stress for being away from their house and children. And they are sure that their children are happy that they are at home keeping them company, especially if the children are young. If the kids are very young, of course, being at home is even mandatory.

When you travel to and from work, your car suffers wear-and-tear. You are faced with gas bills that can be overwhelming at times. There are problems with the oil and tires. Now that you are at home, the wear-and-tear shifts there.

What Is Missing in the Picture?


The day you find you are earning as much working from home as you used to at the office will be a perfect one indeed. Usually, you end up making less than half of what you used to. Your bills rise because you are at home the whole time and are using more water and electricity. You should keep that in mind.

As a work-at-home mom, you will find out that your neighbors’ antics, which you used to despise, have become a source of pleasure. If they are fighting the whole time and that used to bother you to the extent that you considered calling the police, that is something you would never consider doing now. You would probably glue your ear to the wall and listen hard just because you are bored as… especially if you got a data entry job, the most common type of job you can do from home.

One source of annoyance that you will inevitably face will be your children. You will find cleaning up after them very taxing, because you will have to do it the whole time. Before they had a nanny who cleaned up after them, but now that is your job. This is why, you should start teaching them to clean up after themselves from a very young age.

Imagine enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal, prepared by your kids! Of course, if they are older. If you do not want to spend an hour preparing lunch and dinner, because these are the most productive periods of your day, you should teach your children to cook. Simple meals, of course. They should consider it a privilege!

 As you can see, having a perfect day as a work-at-home mom is perfectly achievable, no pun intended!

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