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Rank Your Website Higher in the Whole New Google Search

Google at present times is really different and evolving. With the whole restructuring of its Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) interface, you can say that the whole new Google is no longer just one search engine but rather a perfect blend of five to seven search engines working together to give us the best user experience.

When you search, you can see at the left side column the new functions, which open up new prospects for webmasters and SEO Specialists to have some manipulations on all that vital features.

As an Internet Marketer, the whole new thing isn’t a surprise as Google work on for more innovation in search but with these changes, I can say it’s a package to work on ranking my website in Google. This is just good for my daily activities as I keep on monitoring my niche which yield revenue but now with these recent changes seem to be a “convergence” of all the diverse types of searches in Google which have been around for some time.

So now it seems to be placing more importance on these new ways to search.

Youtube Search

Maybe you have noticed when you search on Google, some results in the first page are videos from Youtube. It is because videos have taken a great step forward in Google as Youtube also owned by Google and they no doubt can easily bang into all the contextual stats on a video such as comments, and viewer ratings.

This trend makes video to be one of the firmest ways to get on the first page of Google, even for very competitive keywords.

Blog Search

Google is also giving more importance on popular posts, diggs, shares, and tweets in the SERPs. The best Google program for this is by using Blogger to be an effective way of ranking high in Google Blog search. In Blogger, if your blog posts will be indexed right away within minutes and this recently seems to be faster than ever in moving more towards organic search results.

Twitter Tweets, Facebook Shares, Diggs, all of these social bookmarking systems and social networking sites provide the search engines, particularly Google, with some very useful user-generated rankings and ratings called Social Signals.

Google News Search

Having a news release would be helpful in news search for you to get the top spot in Google as it has always listed News Items on the first page but this now appears to play a more imperative role. Surely, web surfers will perhaps stay on that first page longer and you have a better gamble of getting your news item being read.

Remember that news picks up and shows a lot of these items instantly so within seconds you can have traffic going to your site.

Image Search

Image search is always been a vital piece of Google Search. This is the one where you can have take benefit of by creating images that counterpart your products or keywords used for you post. Image search now is dynamic the reason why images can be an easy way to get traffic from Google.

Shopping Search

This is probably the most essential listing as you’re sure to entice specific buyers who are thinking and have planned to purchase. The best way to get into this is to get your product listed in Google product search.

While all these search opportunities can be fairly confusing to grip even for the Internet marketer, all these opportunities do present us diverse ways to get on that first page in Google search. So while the number one spot in organic search will always be your main goal, ranking for the top spot in any of those search engines are all valuable for your SEO efforts.

Just ensure that Google, have no trouble finding your product or your content.

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