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Targeted content- Staying on track with your core audience

With the tonnage of hot tips and disinformation which oozes through the internet about marketing, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that internet marketing was incredibly easy. It isn’t. The internet is one huge discretionary audience, and if it doesn’t want to be there, then it won’t be there.  If you’re marketing computer support services, your information must have value to people seeking computer support services.

As a matter of fact, marketing on the internet is actually harder than conventional marketing. Getting attention is difficult enough, keeping it can be just as hard. In any commercial context, your core audience can be a hard target, and it’s a target you must hit.

Core audience targeting basics

Consider for a moment exactly why you look at anything on the internet. The main reason is that the things you look at have a level of value to you, right? Now also consider the fact that that just about all internet users simply ignore large numbers of advertisements every minute. In a few hours, the average internet user ignores several thousand advertisements.

There’s an extremely good reason for that. The human brain automatically and quite rightly edits out irrelevant information and anything deemed to be unnecessary, a waste of effort or obstructive. Most of the internet advertisements can reasonably described as being exactly that.

It’s quite common to see websites where the marketing of services is severely underdone. It’s quite obvious that the audience simply isn’t receiving information on these subjects. Even with a core audience, the business simply isn’t attracting customers.

Core audiences are even tougher. When looking for information, they’re not looking for anything but information, and they will be absolutely ruthless in disregarding anything which doesn’t meet their criteria. In the case of computer support, for instance, it’s quite possible to lose track of the core user group simply because something which is related to computer support doesn’t look like it’s related to computer support.

Have a look at these two headlines:

Tough calls for user backup systems

IT support – Tough calls for user backup systems

It’s pretty obvious which header relates to computer support, isn’t it? The first header could mean anything, but the second actually says IT support.

This formula also applies to articles and online materials generally. Content must clearly relate to core audience needs, and be clearly seen as useful, to engage users.

Core audience targeting development

The next stage in audience targeting is developmental and is based on the same fundamental principles, but expands the framework. For example, an issue related to computer support can be computer repairs. While the possible connections are obvious, these are two separate functions, and certainly not synonymous. For marketing purposes, if you’re running a computer support business, which includes computer repairs, you absolutely must ensure that your core audience gets the message that you provide both services.

Always remember that your core audience also needs access to additional information. Internal cross links can save you a lot of time and effort can do a lot to make sure that your core audience can always access the things they need to know to use your services or buy your products.

Your core audience is your business. Give them what they want and need, and they’ll give you the business you need.

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