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Wealth Is Made By Focusing In Stocks

Making money and creating wealth


Stop trying to create the perfect trading method. There is not one.

Phew..what a relief. Quit spending all individuals hours creating increasingly more buying and selling guidelines and understand this:

Cash creation in the store industry is made from CONCENTRATION. That's proper. Trading the really finest stocks and shares atthe proper time with enough capital to make a huge variation.

You must go from prosperity CREATION to success maintance in this game. Unless you program on "investing" for your next 25+ years and building wealth slowly. that is my program of how you are able to make millions inside the store industry:

In Darvas's book "How I Made $2 Million.."

How many looked at his place sizing? In his early trades Darvas only buy and sell one or a couple of shares at any a single time on MARGIN! Only when he got upto above $500,000 did he commence diversifying a little. Most folks overlook these facts.

MY Momentum Stock Program:


Finish Goal:

$2 MILLION+ ACCOUNT Making 20-30% P.A

Start with:
$50,000 Make trades two stocks and shares with half funds in each.

Threat Per Make trades = 5%

When at $100,000 Make trades three shares with 1/3 capital in each.

Threat Per Buy and sell = 3%

When at:

$500,000 Trade 5 stocks and shares with 1/5 cash:

Threat Per Make trades = 2%

When at $2 Million Make trades 8 stocks and shares with 1/8 capital:

Danger Per Buy and sell = 1.25%

You very first need to create wealth so that you can maintain it. Whilst trading only two stocks at a time may be deemed to “risky” by the “professionals” you should be really selective on the stocks and shares you trade. High quality beats quantity. Particularly when you concentrate so much.

This really is the only way a small account can break to the big time. You should not only focus your efforts within the early stages but you have to also onlytrade the best 0.1% of shares in the market and get your timing SPOT ON.

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