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What Are You Blogging About – Writing Your Opinions Or Endorsing Other’s Views?

As a blogger, I visit other blogs frequently. Some of them are my favorites and some I just visit every now and then to see what they are writing. And it happens often that when I read various posts, there are some topics or ideas on which I have my own point of view.

Bit confusing? Let me explain it more clearly. For example, suppose I am reading an article on how to get good-targeted traffic for free. In the post, the point number 3 says that Guest posts are more effective that comments. But in my opinion, I think commenting is more effective (it is just an example). So, I decide to write on this giving my point of view that why I feel so.

The point, which I want to make here, is that you should write what you feel. Writing on your gut feeling and giving your own opinion on what have been told numerous times in the same way is not a bad option. It may differ from others but you have a valid point, which should be known to others.

I have often seen that many bloggers tend to write with general consensus. NO OFFENCE GUYS, it is your own way of thinking and looking at things and no to brains are same. What I exactly want to say that some bloggers, especially newbies, are a bit afraid of taking risks. Their blog is new and they think that writing against something that everyone agrees with will not be a good idea in the initial days because if what they said is not true, people might reject him and his blogging career may come to an end before it really takes off. And it is quite obvious on their part. They play safe to ensure they are not written off immediately.

But I would like to advise all bloggers to write what they feel. It is your blog and you have started to write your own views and not to endorse others. It is possible that once or twice your readers do not agree with you but more often you will get encouragement. And if you are wrong, others will correct you so that it will be a learning phase for you. And finally, my view on this approach is as follows- as a blog reader, I would prefer to read different views on the same topic rather than reading same views by everyone because that help me in deciding what is the right take on a particular topic and may be, my misconceptions are cleared.

So, here is my view on this. I would love to hear on this not-so-traditional approach of mine, which, I believe, will benefit the blogosphere in the long run.

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