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Writing A Blog Article In 30 Minutes Flat Time

There is one thing that a blogger cannot separate from him ever – writing. He has to write constantly till his blog is live because his writing has made him popular among people. Writing good posts consistently over a long period of time is not easy as people are expecting more out of you. Writing a good post requires some time but today, this post will help you in writing an article in 30 minutes flat time.

I assume that you have already done every bit of research and are ready with the facts and figures you will be using in the post. These things will not be collected during the course of the writing.

0 – 15 minutes just keep writing

You have an idea in your head and you need to pen in down. No editing and no reviews during the course of writing. Your first aim should be to write down what all you have in your head regarding this topic. Reviewing in between will create lot of chaos because it will make you forget some wonderful lines that you were about to put in between. Your mind will divert and you will not be able to write a wonderful post. But make sure you do not make any grammatical and spelling errors. Although MS Word will automatically correct you or notify you, it’s best you not commit them.

Next 5 minutes – Review your article, edit it and fine-tune it

Remove all the major and minor glitches. This is the part when you re read the article and see that the language is right or not. Can you shuffle some words to make it an interesting read? Can this line be eliminated because it does not fit the context of the article? Will some new words completely change the experience of reading?

Next 5 minutes – Images and figures

Actually, you can save these 5 minutes if you do not use tables, figures and images in your writing often. If you do, then it takes some time because you do not want to ruin what you have written because of some image that was not aligned properly. Give some time to correct the settings and make sure you check the post preview with those images. On my part, I use Windows Live Writer that is a WYSIWYG. This way I make sure that I never make mistakes that creep up while publishing.

Next 5 minutes – the Tits and Bits

For me, this is the most tedious part. This include deciding in which category you put the post, what are the tags that go with it and what keywords should be included to make it a smash hit among search engines. These might come last in this list but they are certainly not less important.

That’s it, 30 minutes (or even 25 minutes) and your next article is ready. Do try this strategy and share your views here.

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