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There is one thing that a blogger cannot separate from him ever – writing. He has to write constantly till his blog is live because his writing has made him popular among people. Writing good posts consistently over a long period of time is not easy as people are expecting more out of you. Writing a good post requires some time but today, this post will help you in writing an article in 30 minutes flat time.

I assume that you have already done every bit of research and are ready with the facts and figures you will be using in the post. These things will not be collected during the course of the writing.

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Blogging has grown in both popularity and importance. Blogging platforms are the software packages used to create, post, edit, and maintain a web log or blog. When trying to choose the blogging platform or software you want to use, a few simple steps can often help narrow down what might best suit your needs.


Finding problems that your subscribers are facing is an effective technique that can help you develop new content for your own blog or website. When you understand the problems that they are facing, you are then able to develop the solution that they are looking for which can pay off big time in the long run.

There are a number of things that you can do in order to find out what problems your subscribers are facing the most. Here are some great strategies for doing so.

1. Make a Note of Your Own Struggles

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to understand the problems your subscribers are facing is to make note of the very problems that you are facing.

With the tonnage of hot tips and disinformation which oozes through the internet about marketing, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that internet marketing was incredibly easy. It isn’t. The internet is one huge discretionary audience, and if it doesn’t want to be there, then it won’t be there.  If you’re marketing computer support services, your information must have value to people seeking computer support services.

As a matter of fact, marketing on the internet is actually harder than conventional marketing. Getting attention is difficult enough, keeping it can be just as hard. In any commercial context, your core audience can be a hard target, and it’s a target you must hit.

As a blogger, I visit other blogs frequently. Some of them are my favorites and some I just visit every now and then to see what they are writing. And it happens often that when I read various posts, there are some topics or ideas on which I have my own point of view.

Bit confusing? Let me explain it more clearly. For example, suppose I am reading an article on how to get good-targeted traffic for free. In the post, the point number 3 says that Guest posts are more effective that comments. But in my opinion, I think commenting is more effective (it is just an example). So, I decide to write on this giving my point of view that why I feel so.

SEO Smart Links Plugin for Content InterlinkingVladimir Prelovac, the owner of, popularly known for his SEO and development of WordPress related plugins has released SEO Smart Links, a premium plugin for WordPress blogs. The main motive behind creation of SEO Smart Links plugin is simply to make it easy for WordPress bloggers to interlink their blog contents automatically in a SEO friendly format. This plugin is quite useful for small, medium as well as big websites operated around WordPress.

Advertisement plugins take the most important part of most successful websites in the internet when it comes to monitization. This is predominantly factual for content sites that rely on income from any form of advertisements. It is really good to know that one of the best features of WordPress blogging platform is its facility to be easily monetized all the way through advertising. You can use pay-per-click PPC, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads and many other ways you can produce revenue from your blog.

Google at present times is really different and evolving. With the whole restructuring of its Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) interface, you can say that the whole new Google is no longer just one search engine but rather a perfect blend of five to seven search engines working together to give us the best user experience.

When you search, you can see at the left side column the new functions, which open up new prospects for webmasters and SEO Specialists to have some manipulations on all that vital features.

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