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Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in only one month away and the party invites are starting to roll in. The latest is from my good friend DK. DK and the girls over at Purpose Inc. are hosting a poker tourney on Sunday, January 9 at The Mirage Hotel. If you’re heading to ASW, you’ll definitely want to get in on this. Free drinks, poker and girls are always a good combination in my books!

Normally, when you think of Pho, you don’t think of fine dining.

I have blogged from many different places just to prove that you can blog from anywhere in the world. The last time, I blogged from a plane at 32,000 feet. This time, I’m blogging from the Amtrak Cascades train going from Vancouver to Seattle.

Normally, Dot Com Pho happens every Saturday but since I had to present a workshop at UBC yesterday, we moved the meet up to Sunday. We had five people showed up for the Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! edition, including brand new attendee Stacey Robinsmith of the Left Coast Blog.

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