Who else wants a make money formula?

No, this is not the new math. It is the formula for getting your site recognized by the search engine spider.

The formula is Recent Content material + Actually Simple Syndication = Search Engine Optimization.. That is a simple solution to get the search engine spiders to come back and go to your web site frequently, see that “updates” have been made, and get you ranked increased within the directories.

Make money marketing

Many small businesses invest a large amount of money to build their ?nternet sites but it feels like their hard work goes in vein when nobody finds them via the web. Building a webpage is easy but in case you are unable to advertise customers to your web page it might become a rather high priced process. Therefore, SEO services help a person with your internet site advertising.

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Those just starting out in the world of internet marketing and blogging may find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends in SEO, article marketing, and social networking. The truth, however, is that despite your best efforts you may be making some critical mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization and your website. Here are 3 things to keep in mind as you work to develop your website. 1. Using Duplicate Content It may be tempting to cut and paste content from another site or to simply publish some unedited PLR but duplicate content is not the stuff good websites are made of.

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