We had nearly 1000 people registered for the How To Cash In On The Holidays with Amazon Associates Program webinar but due to the holiday, traffic, time zone, etc., not everyone was able to show up. I've been getting bombarded with request for a replay and I'm happy to provide it.

The first day of Affiliate Dot Com Live! from Las Vegas is over and I have a video recap. The video will give you an idea on the speakers and give you a taste of how they get their message across. Seeing my written blog post about the session is one thing but it doesn't really capture it as well as a video recap.

Who says you can't shoot a movie using just a cell phone? The Commuter is really cool action film, directed by the McHenry brothers and stars Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance and Ed Westwick. You think with big names like that, they would use professional level video gear. However, the entire movie was shot with the Nokia N8 cellphone.

By default, the Apple iMac comes installed with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. Depending on the model you buy, the RAM can be 1066MHz or 1333Mhz speed. Apple charges an insane amount of money for memory upgrades. For my 27" iMac I wanted to increase the RAM to the maximum 16GB but I didn't want to pay the $1,000 upgrade price.

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