One of the most common complaint (or excuse) I hear from potential new bloggers is they don’t know how to install WordPress. Terms like FTP and CPanel are like a foreign language and setting up a database might as well be setting up the space shuttle for a launch.

Because of the technology barrier, many would be bloggers never start their blogs. If you’re in this situation, then you’ll be happy to know about my new free WordPress installation service.

It’s really simple. I will install and set up a WordPress blog for you at no cost to you. Not only that, I will also install for free the following plugins to get your blog started on the right foot:

Whether your blog is for personal or business use, you likely know what a pain and inconvenience it can be to get a lot of spam. Akismet is one of the most popular WordPress spam-blockers on the net but it has recently been rumored that the tool is no longer free to users. So what is a passionate blogger to do? These 5 alternatives to Akismet are 100% free and are known to be very useful anti-spam tools for WordPress and other popular blogging frameworks.

WPBeginner is a WordPress resource site which was founded by Syed Balkhi in July 2009. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other resources for the WordPress community. Because most other WordPress sites are maintained by developers, there was a lack of focus on beginners. At WPBeginner, Syed explains each tutorial thoroughly, so users of all levels can understand it.

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Everyone loves stats so I figure I would post some stats from my blog.

If I have to attribute one main key to my blogging success it would have to be consistency. I am one of the most consistent bloggers in the world. Over the past five years, I have maintained an average of two blog posts per day and there has never been a single day where there was no new blog post. It is this level of consistency that has allowed my blog to make that income that it makes.

Seeing how well my post on How To Make Your WordPress Blog Load Faster went over, I decided that I should post a follow up. The nice thing about this follow up is that it can be applied to all blogs and not just those powered by WordPress.

For the past few days, I’ve been doing optimization on my blog to make it load faster. A faster loading blog is a better blog, both for your readers and for the search engines. The load speed of your blog can affect its search engine ranking because Google place a higher worth on blogs that load quickly. Readers like faster loading blogs as well. We live in a society where everything is pretty much instant. If we can’t get it right away, we’ll go somewhere else. Here’s are seven easy to do tips to make your blog load much faster.

No less than a week after WordPress released 3.0.2, they released 3.0.3. The new 3.0.3 is a security upgrade to version 3.0.2, which was a security upgrade to 3.0.1. I wonder when the security update for this latest WordPress will come out? At any rate, because this is a security update, everyone who’s running WordPress for their blog should upgrade to it immediately.

This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish, or delete posts.

For the past day or two, some readers had trouble accessing this blog. Instead of seeing the familiar blog home page, readers were greeted with a 403 forbidden warning saying they don’t have permission to access. The reason for this was I was testing out a new security plugin call AskApache Password Protect. This is an incredibly strong security plugin to protect your WordPress blog.

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