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By Chandra Shekhar Kumar

This booklet is a mix of the subsequent books :

  1. Advanced C++ FAQs: quantity 1 : Fundamentals
  2. Advanced C++ FAQs: quantity 2 : established Programming
  3. Advanced C++ FAQs: quantity 1 : Fundamentals

    This ebook isn't really an advent to C++. It assumes that the reader knows the fundamentals of C++98 and C++03 and is eager to extend her horizon to most modern and maximum within the current and way forward for C++, together with C++11 and C++1y(aka C++14). It comprises chosen basic issues of particular recommendations to all of those so that it will aid the reader to hone her abilities to unravel a selected problem.

    Advanced C++ FAQs: quantity 2 : frequent Programming

    This ebook is sequel to the 1st quantity Advanced C++ FAQs : quantity 1 : Fundamentals. It comprises chosen typical programming issues of distinctive suggestions.

    1. Algorithms
    2. 1.1 effective Insertion in Vector

      1.2 opposite set of rules for ahead iterators


      1.4 swapping unequal sections

      1.5 rotate set of rules


      1.9 stay away from uncooked Loops


      1.13 larger set of rules than std::rotate


      1.16 opposite set of rules dispatch

      1.17 effective set of rules for opposite


      1.21 is partitioned set of rules

      1.22 Bisection set of rules


      1.25 increase and subsequent

      1.26 customized iota


    3. Utilities
    4. 2.1 std::move is rvalue forged

      2.2 std::move if noexcept

      2.3 std::forward


      2.6 is related

    5. Templates
    6. 3.1 alias template

      3.2 template parameter pack

      3.3 override digital and template


    7. Classes
    8. Namespaces
    9. Type Specifiers
    10. Constant Expression
    11. C++14
    12. ...

      8.4 car go back variety in functionality announcement


      8.6 go back style deduction for lambdas

      8.7 decltype(auto)


      8.9 particular instantiation and automobile

      8.10 go back style deduction and digital


      8.12 generalized lambda trap

      8.13 regular lambda and product vector


    13. Miscellaneous
    14. More C++14
    15. 10.1 variable templates


      10.5 static facts member template


      10.7 default argument and specialization of variable template
      10.8 lambda and variable template


      10.15 automobile variable template and known lambda

      10.16 constexpr member services and implicit const

      10.17 constexpr and initialization


      10.23 deprecated characteristic

      10.24 Member initializers and combination type


      10.31 kind Transformation Aliases


      10.33 make special as excellent forwarding man


      10.37 make distinctive and default initialization

      10.38 make particular and array T[n]


      10.43 expand make targeted : T[N]

      10.44 allocate distinct

      10.45 Compile-time integer sequences


      10.47 std::index series

      10.48 customized series : Addition


      10.55 sfinae and characterize form of functionality

      10.56 metafunction : money presence of sort member

      10.57 std::common sort and sfinae

    16. Foundation
    17. 11.1 deepest forged

      11.2 worth style Deduction Framework


      11.5 Template Alias and Rebind Template

      11.6 Template Alias and Non Deducible Context


      11.8 Template Alias and Specialization


      11.13 std::copy backward


      11.18 iota n : iota for writing n goods

      11.19 opposite iota


      11.24 combating identify Hijacking

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